marathon journey

I created this blog back in 2012 to tell the story of running my first marathon. Here are most of the posts I wrote during that time.

My next fix (first post)
Lacing up the tennies
Running is my cocaine
The plan
New marathon date
National running day-why I run
Time to step it up
It’s the little things
Cut up the credit card
The 30lb iphone
Should just finishing be enough?
Doubt, preparedness and dog speed walking
“Running on Empty”
East Texas run
The fear
Injury vs. side effect
She’s the Man
My inspiration
Speed Work
Best Week Ever
Inside my mind
Galloway or all the way
10 miles before work is the easy part
Don’t come near me
Who the heck is Pheidippides?
Feed me Seymour!
Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal
Plano Balloon Festival 1/2 Marathon
“Whatsnot” so great about fall
It’s not whether you have time, it’s whether you make time
The body achieves what the mind believes…until the knee pipes up
30 days!
Missing the run
Don’t look down
Marathon playlist
Honored hero 20 miler
Hello sinus infection
9 days
I’m entitled to a marathon freak out
A bird and a fish can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?
Marathon playlist
Walking the plank
Marathoning for Miracles: The Full Report
Would you do it again?
10 things Josh is thankful I’m not saying anymore…
The everyday marathoner


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