My prison

It was impressive. The result of nearly three decades of work. Painstakingly built and meticulously decorated. I designed it with the upmost care. I used to sit and reflect on it for hours, immersed in the intricacy of the arrangement. Surrounded by stories, characters, and settings of my own imagination.

But it was private of course. No other souls allowed in, not even my husband. Especially not my husband. If he ever saw what I’d been collecting for so many years, he’d know the real me. The real, messed up, insecure, terrified, little girl that I was.

You see, this lifelong masterpiece was my prison cell. A contrived composition of false assumptions, misguided beliefs, and fears.

Every negative or uncomfortable situation I’d ever experienced was archived within the walls of my cell. Rejection, hurt, blame, shame, guilt, all of them documented there as bricks. Through the years, these bricks stacked upon each other until they created a barricade between me and every other person. The stories I created from my experiences covered the walls and served as rules to live by in the future.

“If you reveal something you’re struggling with, people will ridicule you.”

“If you make a mistake, you’re worthless.”

“If you ask too many questions, you’re nosy.”

“If you believe in yourself, you’re arrogant.”

“If you are interested in things different than those around you, they’ll ostracize you.”

“If you weigh too much, you’re ugly.”

“If you show that you care about something, others will question it.”

“If you question the status quo, you’re an idiot.”

“If you talk too much, you’re annoying.”

“If you talk too little, you’re a bitch.”

These are just a few of the many “truths” I lived by. Most of them based on entirely fabricated stories I made up because I didn’t know any other way. These thoughts were drilled into my mind day after day for 26 years.

Until I met a woman who opened my eyes to reality. To the truth. It was so simple, yet so abstractly difficult to grasp.


And the even better part…I get to CHOOSE what I focus on. I don’t have to believe that I am unworthy. That the foolish words of children and teenagers define me in any way. Only one defines me. The One. And He created me in utter beauty and grace, with incomprehensible love. He gifted me with unique talents and abilities. Which, up to that point, I’d been depriving the world around me of those contributions.

We can’t control what other people think, say, or do. We can only control our reactions to these things. We choose to act in either fear or love. Fear is how we end up in a prison cell full of lies. Love asks us to connect. To reach out. To seek the truth. Not to assume we know. I am forever grateful to the woman who gave me my life. She taught me to look at each situation from a third point of view. Rather than jumping to the conclusion that every negative thing that happened to me was because I was worthless, I should dig deeper, or leave it alone, depending on the situation.

Through this practice, I learned that so many of the instances where I thought someone was upset with me, doubting me, or judging me, in actuality, had nothing to do with me at all. I found freedom! No longer did I have to spend hours analyzing. I no longer had to ruminate on the past or worry about the future. She taught me to live in this moment. That’s all we have.

We all live in our own heads. The opportunity to break free is available to you at any time. You simply must choose it. Choose to assume the best. Choose to be grateful, even in difficult times. Choose love over hate and faith over fear.

Now I ask you the same thing my mentor asked me…
Who would you be without your stories? 

I’m certainly not negating the importance of our life experiences. I firmly believe God uses painful situations as the fertilizer for new growth. But it requires us to submit to the process. To open our hearts to His higher calling. Otherwise we find ourselves enslaved to these lies while they go about sucking the life from our precious hearts.


Come Alive!

For more information about the woman who helped me completely transform my life go to


I don’t know how she does it.
I’ll never be able to do it like that.
She is so good at that.
I just don’t have what it takes.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I’ve been playing that record for years. I’m super tired of it so I threw it out. I’m trying something new this year. My word for 2019 is BLOOM.

My older sister has three kids. When each of them were babies I would watch her soothe them almost instantly. If I was babysitting I would try so hard to do the same thing. It would always take me forever to get them to sleep or calm down. But my sister could walk in the room and

This terrified me. I would think I didn’t have what it takes to be a good mom. That I wouldn’t know how to take care of a baby should I ever have one.

But when I finally did have my own child, I knew exactly what to do. She was MY baby. It wasn’t hard to know how to comfort her. I became the expert at soothing Elora.

This truth holds in other areas of life too. I’ve heard it, read it, and even witnessed it 100 times but when people tell me to focus on doing what I do best and everything else will fall into place, I just can’t help but react skeptically…

The enemy uses comparison, fear, and self-doubt to keep us from doing what we’re meant to do. He knows that if we were all operating within our God given gifts that really amazing things would happen on this planet. So we have to learn to recognize the weeds and build the courage to blossom within our own gifts. I think Dr. Seuss said it pretty well when he told us “There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Don’t waste any of your precious energy trying to be like anyone else!

When Josh and I created our gym, I had so many dreams and plans for weaving our strengths together. I had all this energy and ambition in the beginning. But I allowed myself to get bogged down in the fear and lies that what I contribute isn’t good enough. That I’m not qualified enough. So I focused on making sure the bills were paid and the little details were taken care of. Meanwhile, boredom was silently strangling me.

The last several months I’d been feeling so drained. I had to force myself out of bed every day to do the things that needed to get done. I had no energy on the weekends. If I didn’t have to be somewhere I was laying in bed watching shows on Hulu. I told myself that I needed this “rest”. That I would feel better and accomplish more during the week if I allowed myself this time to do nothing. But the funny thing is, week after week, I never felt any better. I never felt any more rested. In fact, I felt even more tired and sluggish.

So the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying something else. Praying, meditating, reading the Word, and seeking God in everything. Putting together plans for some projects I’ve wanted to start at the gym. I started running again.

And wow…I feel like a new woman! I have so much energy. I wake up ready and looking forward to the day. This was not the case for most of 2018.

When I’m doing things I’m not talented in, it’s like soothing someone else’s child. It was never my job to do. When I’m listening to what God has for my life and operating within my gifts, I’m in flow. I have positive energy and I attract positive things to me.

Like with all things spiritual, it doesn’t make sense to our human brains. No matter how long I lay there, my rest doesn’t come from my bed. It comes from my Bible and prayer. This is a much needed change and I can’t wait to see where this energy takes me!

When we were young

If you’ve been following our story, you know that we recently decided to sell our house as a step on our journey of entrepreneurship. And several months later, we’ve finally received an offer on our house. Which is great news! Most people are jumping for joy when they sell their home because it means they get to go pick out a bigger, nicer, better place.

But that’s not our story right now.  I’m trying really, really hard to reframe this situation. I want so badly to see this as a fun adventure. But instead I just see remnants of crushed dreams and what “should have been”.

I was cleaning out a closet last night and found an old photo collage I’d made in high school. I mean…look at these babies!!!

This image is from our first Thanksgiving together. We’d been dating a little over a year. I love how Josh’s hand is holding my head in this photo. Such a symbol of protection and shelter. There’s so much innocence and hope in this picture.

15 years later I know Josh feels like he failed at protecting me and Elora. We both thought we could have our cake and eat it too. But that’s not God’s plan. We’ve surrendered our dream to Him. Now we’re waiting for instructions on our next steps. And He’s been pretty silent on that.

This year, I’ve been working on my dissertation which focuses heavily on the topic of mindfulness. One of the books I’m studying is called Mindfulness: An 8-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World. Today I was re-reading a section and came across this quote:

“Memories are like propaganda”.

Yeah. I get that. Looking back on our lives it’s so easy for the good memories to seem great and the not so good ones to fade away. After looking at that picture I found a journal I kept in high school. Wow. It was eye opening to say the least but the thing that stuck out to me was I was writing about a lot of the exact same problems I write about today. I remember begging God to take my acne away and help me be more confident with myself. But I didn’t remember any of the things that were going on between me and Josh back then. Funny how that works.

Whether it was the picture-perfect season I remember or a time of life with its fair share of struggle…either way we can’t go back. We can only move forward. What was will never be again. And from what I’ve experienced, that’s usually a good thing when God is involved.


So rather than focus on what we’re losing, I’m choosing to see all the good things we stand to gain. Josh has not failed, in fact, he is doing exactly what God called him to do. Saving me from a life of mediocrity and complacency. He’s given me the priceless gift of transforming people’s lives through our gym. Which pales in comparison to any home we could ever own.

So here we go…


The worry list

I have earned a reputation for being a bit of tight ass. I’m not proud of it. I never wanted to be that person. You know, the annoying one that always has to have a plan and freaks out if things don’t follow exactly with the pre-determined itinerary I’ve outlined and color coordinated in Excel…

I didn’t even realize I was that person until my sophomore year in college. It was move-in day and we were trying to get my stuff moved in to my dorm and Josh’s stuff in his. At the time, I thought I was just being efficient and taking on the role of leader. But a comment was made to me by a family member about how I should try to “calm down”. Which struck me because I was like

Even more wounding, I’ve been compared to the fastidious Margo from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…

Who likes Margo?? So I worked very hard to hide that part of myself by suppressing it under miles of pavement pounding followed by tons of pizza. Unfortunately, the pendulum swung a little too far to the side of unstable madness…

So I made some really big changes in the way I handle my life. I practice something called mindfulness which involves being present in the current moment. Not allowing my mind to wander to the past or future, but being gentle with myself when it does. When something happens that scares me, instead of worrying, I pray. I ask God to take control. I have released myself of the pressure of needing to supply all the answers. Not my job.

The last year of my life has been totally different in the way I view myself and my circumstances. I am choosing joy and my overall sense of well being is so much better!

The problem is that Josh knows me as the stressed out easily agitated Lindsay. He spent years with that version of me. So when something happens that in the past would have caused a panic, he is checking on me constantly and asking if I’m ok.  When I say I’m good he doesn’t believe me.

To be fair, I may be guilty of occasionally saying that things are fine when they really aren’t…

But this time I’m really ok!! Learning to let go and let God was one of the most transformative skills I’ve ever learned. I’m not perfect…far from it. I still have moments where anxiety takes over and the enemy speaks louder than peace. But I’m miles away from where I used to be and moving forward.

“I know that God exists. I held her in my arms.
I never knew I was able to ever feel this strong.
Take me off your worry list, it’ll be better that way.
And I’m doing fine and I got plenty of friends around.
Take me off your worry list, just throw it away.
Well it’s time to stand up on my own for her.”

The Worry List, Blue October




If my life had a theme song right now this would be it…

I’m so confused
I know I heard You loud and clear
So, I followed through
Somehow I ended up here
I don’t wanna think
I may never understand
That my broken heart is a part of Your plan
When I try to pray
All I’ve got is hurt and these four words

Thy will be done

from Thy Will by Hillary Scott

If you’ve followed our entrepreneurial story at all you know that Josh and I own a CrossFit gym. It wasn’t really a part of our plan when we moved to this town four years ago. But God made it very clear through a series of events that it was meant for us to endeavor. The first several months were so fun and exciting! (the honeymoon phase) Even though it was hard, we were energized and knew that everything would work out because God told us to do this so of course everything would just fall into place.

But then the long days, early mornings, endless filled weekends combined with relentless setbacks and disappointment kicked in. Not to mention the precious little life we brought into the world during this same time. Things got really, really hard. Don’t get me wrong, there were so many rewarding moments along the way. But mostly it’s just been wearying.

Lately there’s been a pull on our hearts that we’ve been ignoring. Hoping it would go away. Perhaps we were misreading the signs. But we know what we’ve been asked to do…

“I am surrendering my dream to you, Dream Giver. I’ve decided that it’s you that I can’t go without.” -The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

We’ve decided to buy a smaller, cheaper house. If we hope to keep our dream going, we’ve got to give this up. And so we’ve decided it’s worth it.


Sick day

Elora woke up with an eye infection this morning. I didn’t know it was pink eye, but I didn’t know it wasn’t either. So I opted to keep her home from school. Which I wasn’t super pumped about because this was supposed to be my schoolwork day! I just resumed my dissertation and I’m really trying to make some progress this time. So I was a little grouchy about this change up.

But I decided to make the most of the day. I started with a trip to Starbucks because

When we got back home I gave Elora a whiteboard and a marker. That usually keeps her entertained for a while. But today she just wanted to be on me.

The eternal mom struggle, right? My child is literally crawling on me begging for my attention. I feel selfish for trying to check a few things off the to-do list. Not to mention guilty for even having interests other than my child in the first place. I mean, a “good mom” would be happy for the impromptu play day with her child, right? We’re supposed to relish in these moments with our children because they’ll be grown one day.

Ok, let’s be real here. Very little enjoyable playing took place today. I thought Elora had an infection so we were stuck at home. There’s 5,000 toys strewn about the house but she wants to dump the plant out onto the floor. Every 15 seconds I turned around to find her in a precarious position with a breakable item. I’m pretty sure I said “no ma’m” at least 100 times today.

This is the point where I usually come around to some feel good conclusion that we should just be more positive and life is great. But that’s not the point I’m making with this one. One of my favorite authors and leadership experts puts it this way,

“Making our children the center of our attention is unhealthy for us and them.”-Tim Elmore

There has to be a balance and an intention. I want to have special moments with Elora where I’m completely focused on her. But I also want her to know that I have goals and responsibilities other than her. I want her to learn to chase the goals of her heart by watching me do that very thing.

I don’t have the secret for making my toddler entertain herself so I can get work done. But I am beginning to understand how to be more loving toward myself during this season. I am not responsible for my child’s every minute of entertainment. I am responsible for teaching her self-sufficiency.

I think deep down every parent struggles with this. It’s like when you see someone picking their nose in their car. We all do it. Literally every person has picked their nose when they thought no one was looking. But no one will openly admit to it, at least not to strangers. We’re all trying to live up to this unachievable standard of parenting that involves constant attention toward our children. It’s just not sustainable and it’s not healthy for anyone involved.

Parenting is a small word for a colossal task and I would never presume to know more than anyone else. But I have read a few things about leadership and we know that excellent leaders know how to balance support and freedom.

I don’t want my daughter to grow up and think she was the reason I never got that doctorate degree or started my coaching business. The truth is she is the reason I will accomplish those things.



The reason

I’ve kept a diary since I could form sentences on paper. I would find a quiet spot alone and chronicle my thoughts and reactions to my surrounding world. I kept it private and told few because it seemed an arrogant habit. To recount my life as though anyone but me would ever care. As I’ve finally emerged on the other side of my lifelong struggle with eating disorder and body image I can see it’s true purpose. It wasn’t a pretentious activity, but rather, a necessity of sanity. An escape. A weaving of a story. My story. That now I can tell to help others.

Whether you’re aware of it or not we live in an age of despair. A society more connected than ever, yet more disconnected than ever. We crave real human connection but are too “busy” to nurture it in the ways it requires. So we hopelessly attempt to fill that hole with food, sex, drugs, alcohol, attention, money, diamonds. You name it, someone’s drawn to it. But it’s an endless path laced with destruction.

Though I’ve spent the majority of my life hiding from people, God is prodding me with a sense of urgency. I feel I am busier than I’ve ever been, yet He whispers to me.

Help them.

When I want to remain quiet because who am I, really? What do I know? He persists.

Tell them.

I am afraid so I still resist replying, I can’t.

You must.

In the midst of my struggle I have several distinct memories of particularly hopeless moments, most of them embarrassing. They bring a sting to my heart when I think of them. Moments of ultimate lowness. I recounted one such moment in my diary. My fingers tremble even now to think of sharing this moment. It’s not something I’m proud of. It’s not a memory I’ve ever uttered to another soul. Which is why I now believe it must be shared. Because if it’s a secret I’ve kept, there are most certainly others who’ve been there.

Monday October 27, 2008

            I am at chelsea’s house right now and I have had too much to drink and eat. I have my computer because I intended to edit pictures I took at the river earlier while I was running. I am feeling bad about myself right now. I feel like an addict. I am addicted to food. is there such thing as FA?? food addiction. I went to an overeaters anonymous meeting but it is not what I need. what do I need?? who the hell knows. I need to be able to eat what I like and love myself anyway. but when I eat what I want I hate myself and feel fat. josh loves me anyway. I am happy with him.  I don’t think the counselor knows how to help me. I need help but I don’t want it yet. I love to eat. I just love to eat and always have. but I have to end this post because I am about to pee myself. that is sad. I need help. please.

I can still feel the weight of the hopelessness that consumed me that evening. Inebriated with food and drink on a week night, enveloped in crippling shame. Desperate for help but grasping blindly. Alone. But by choice.

I never found anyone to help me. I read books and eventually gave my struggles to God. And here I am today. I know others relate to this. Even if it’s not food, it could be anything that keeps us in bondage. This is the reason I share my story. Freedom is waiting for you.

Sometimes I wish someone would have seen me and offered help. But I also understand the importance of refinement through the process of struggle. That being said, I cannot stand by while others hurt. I must speak my truth in the hope that if it does not expedite someone else’s process it at least provides encouragement and hope along the way.

I miss my friend

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. There’s not a single moment I can point to and say, yeah that’s when we lost ourselves. It was more like a long series of moments. So many missed opportunities to turn toward each other. But the weight of the responsibilities we now hold just kept building. We grew weary of carrying it. At the end of the day we’re tired and worn. We simply have no energy left to give to each other. So we convince ourselves that a good night’s rest is all we need and tomorrow we’ll talk. Tomorrow we’ll hug and kiss and maybe dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner together.

But tomorrow we are just as tired as we were and the dancing doesn’t happen. Something always gets in the way. The tiredness can’t be alleviated with sleep. Days and days of this have taken us to where we are now. Together but alone. Weary and spent.

When I see that picture of us from spring break 2012 in our bathroom I feel sad. Sometimes photos show a happiness that isn’t there. But this photo. This one has true warmth and love emanating from the day it was taken. That love is still with us now, just more of a twinkle than a beam.

I hear our song in the car and my eyes well up a little. It’s the song we used to spin around to on the dance floor after midnight drunk on alcohol but mostly love.

I often wonder if you feel the same when you come home to find me disheveled in the kitchen trying to prepare dinner, pack lunches, answer work texts, and calm a screaming child. Are you disappointed that I’m in pajamas? That I have at least one, but usually more unidentified substances on my clothes? That I smell vaguely of diaper cream and you’re pretty sure I haven’t showered in a couple of days? Do you look at me and miss the freshly showered and perfumed woman who used to have your dinner ready when you came in the door?

Remember that time we drove all the way home from St. Louis? That seemingly never ending car ride? It started out exciting and fun, it was a best friend road trip after all! But somewhere between Oklahoma City and Texas it turned nasty. Hours in the car made us both irritable and we just wanted to skip the rest of the drive and be home already.

That’s kind of what this stage is like. We’re in that ugly, flat, open area of land. But it’s ok because it’s a part of the journey. Our St. Louis drive is a great story now. We lived. We made it home and we celebrated. Time passed and we forgot the details of the trip. We only remember that it was hard but we did it.

And so my love, I say all this to assure you that we’ll survive again. We must learn to appreciate the landscape of where we are now. We aren’t going back to where we’ve been. This road trip of life doesn’t go in reverse. We’re moving forward. And you’ll always be my best friend.

Laugh without fear

Today was a hard day. Actually, I’ve had a string of hard days lately. Days when the sadness takes over. I really don’t like those days.

Occasionally, when I’ve had too many of those days in a row, I lose it. Usually I am alone when this happens. I like to go home, run a nice hot bath, and just let myself cry. Alone.

But I don’t really have a lot time for planned break downs these days. So today some poor, totally unsuspecting, woman had to witness my crazy.

It wasn’t her fault really. She was just delivering news that was caused by the system she works in. But it was the straw that broke the camel’s back as they say. And I started weeping in front of her and everyone else in that office.

I call it volcano crying. It starts with quivering lips. Then your mouth puckers up because you’re trying to hold it in. Your bring your hand up to your mouth like that might help. But eventually the tears build up and you can’t hold them back any longer at which point your face erupts with tears. You’re still trying to push through so you attempt talking but your voice gets really high and your speech is nearly incomprehensible. This is the kind of crying you really only want to do alone. Or at least with a close and trusted loved one.

Not the receptionist at the doctor’s office.

But that’s what happened to me today. I eventually gathered myself and shortly after that humiliating experience I was in the restroom where I came across a small picture frame. I almost didn’t notice it had it not caught my eye at the last second before I was leaving.

It had a single verse which read

In that moment, I was feeling weak, shameful, and completely unsure of the future. Certainly not like the woman this verse describes. But I left the restroom with a peaceful sense of worthiness. I don’t have to believe what my enemy voice says anymore. I get to choose.

I don’t know how I’ve never come across this passage before but it totally struck me. These were the EXACT words I needed to hear. God knows what we need and when we need it. He speaks to us if we know how to listen.

Girly girl

I’ve never really been the “girly” type. I didn’t start wearing makeup until after college, I’m way too tall for heels, dresses make me fidget, and I’ve always had short hair that I don’t curl, braid, or dress in any way.

As a young girl, I was more interested in other things and by the time I realized it was ok to fix myself up a little bit I was too busy to learn how to do it properly. So it’s always been a little bit of an insecure spot. Now that I have a baby, a business, grad school, and 2 side jobs, I just don’t have the time to fiddle with such things.

Which unfortunately translates to my daughter. I like to attempt fixing her hair in pony tails and clips but 1) she hates it and 2) she pulls them out. To me it’s a time waster.

But now her hair is starting to get in her eyes and everyone thinks she’s a boy without her hair fixed.

So today I took Elora to school in an orange halloween onesie and gray sweatpants, and no hair decorations. She looked like a little boy.

When I picked her up from school, she had the most adorable pig tails in her hair! I really did think they were so cute. I complimented the teacher and thanked her for doing it. But when I got in the car I noticed this old familiar feeling…

I felt like a “bad mom” because I sent my child to school with hair in her eyes. Like less of a woman because I can’t figure out how to fix her hair cute and make it stay. And basically a terrible person because I don’t really care if she doesn’t have cute hair.

I spent the  whole 10 minutes home berating myself and feeling embarrassed that someone had to help me with my baby. Luckily, I’ve had enough experience with this to realize when I’m headed down the shame hole. In no way did that sweet teacher intend to demean me by putting Elora’s hair in pig tails…Super cute pig tails.

She did a really nice thing for Elora and me. And I decided to be GRATEFUL for a teacher who loves Elora enough to fix her hair. That was a much better feeling than the self-imposed mom-shame I was headed toward.