Easy like Sunday

I firmly believe happy is a choice. It doesn’t just happen. But I do pay attention to things that make me feel happy because I think it helps me find my sweet spot. That place where being happy doesn’t feel like such a struggle.

One of my classic sweet spots is the Sunday of a three day weekend. When you know you have Monday off so you don’t have to do all the things you usually do on a Sunday night. You get to play a little bit longer than usual and sleep in the next day. It feels glorious.

I was one of those people who contributed to the debasement of Mondays by dreading them every week.

But something really wonderful happened to me. A few weekends ago, Josh and I were going to bed on a Sunday evening. I laid down and realized that I had a really good feeling. An easy going contentment. I was looking forward to the next day. I had several things to do but I wasn’t dreading it like I used to. I was ready for the day to come.

It was such a reinforcing moment. When Josh and I gave up the security of my 8-5 job it was a huge leap of faith. But we have been gifted in so many ways since then. I know now that we chose the right path. Now every Sunday is like the Sunday of 3 day weekend for me. I look forward to my work. I don’t dread Monday anymore. I look forward to the possibilities that a new week brings.


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