But seriously…why is Josh always right?

Josh is such a great coach. He is so encouraging and involved. He knows when to push and when to just let you work it out. He is what I call a noticer so he remembers things about people. He remembers what your previous weights and times were. He remembers things that are going on in your life. People really respond to him and love him as a coach.

Except me. It’s different when that coach is your husband. Or maybe it’s different because I’m a perfectionist and don’t want Josh telling me what and how to do.

I actually wrote about this way  back in 2013, when Josh started teaching me CrossFit. I titled it Suffer Now because I needed to just get over myself and let him be the expert. Still working on this one ya’ll…

I’ve been in denial for years. I mean…years. I have always just tried to outwork my diet with exercise. I have a few go to treats…

But now that little bit has come along, I’ve found making time for exercise challenging. Sometimes just moving her back and forth between all the play mats and exersaucers is my workout.

And Josh has been telling me for years to get my diet stuff under control. He’s been telling me I would feel so much better if I could stop eating breads, sugars, and excessive dairy. But what does he know? I LOVE those things. I NEED those things.

So back in November Josh told me that he wanted to do a paleo challenge at the gym. I was like

But then he said he wanted to do strict…which means no dairy…and I was like

So it took him 3 months to convince me to do this. The fact that I felt like crap every single day helped. I would rather feel the discomfort of avoiding certain food groups than the discomfort of bloating, headaches, low energy, and constant sinus infections.

So I did it. 30 days of strict paleo. I’m down 10 pounds and I lost nearly 9 inches in my torso and legs.

But I gained so much more. I have energy for the first time since before I was pregnant. My mood is better. I have a happier outlook. I just FEEL BETTER. I never felt good after having 2 margaritas at dinner. I mean, they tasted good but I always had to suffer with the after effects. It’s just not worth it.

So even though this is the last day of the challenge, I am going to maintain a mostly paleo diet. And I’m going to start listening to Josh more because dang it, he’s usually right.

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