Hard things

A couple of years ago, my sister and I were having lunch at a burger place with her kids. My nephew ordered a hot dog and tater tots. When the food came out the tots were steaming hot. So we tell him, buddy, those tots are pretty hot so you’re gonna want to blow on them before you eat them.

Because he is fearless, he says “I LOVE hot things!”



He spit the tot out…

Starting a business with Josh is the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever done. Marriage is hard. Having a baby is hard. Maintaining your marriage with a new baby and a new business is just excessive. But we started down this path and we’re too far in to go back now. Nothing worth having comes easy.

I do a lot of research and reading about resilience and grit. It’s what I plan to write my dissertation on. So I am a huge proponent of doing the hard things in life. Ironically, struggling through the hard in life is the underlying motto of our gym. I guess you could say that I LOVE hard things.

Until I’m doing the hard things. Then I’m ready to spit…

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