Halfway there

Has it seriously been 20 weeks?? It seems like yesterday I was anxiously awaiting Josh’s arrival home from work so I could blurt the news that I was pregnant.

We had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound this week. I have been giddily looking forward to this appointment for over 2 months. But it wasn’t exactly how I pictured in my mind…





Those sonogram photos are pretty difficult to make out. The ultrasound technician kept trying to point things out to me but I was just not seeing it. But the good news is that Elora Danan likes to move a lot and she is growing right on schedule. We did manage to catch a great picture of her sucking her thumb.

20 week sonograph

So I was introduced to Zulily and have since been on a spending spree for Elora Danan (sorry Josh). Here are a few of the things I’ve bought for her so far. I know you’re not supposed to go crazy with the baby clothes but it’s just so hard not to!

Eloras stuff

Now, I am absolutely grateful for the ability to make a baby. But it is really hard work. Following up my first trimester summary, here are a few more explanations about how I’m doing…



As soon as I get home from work:

get home



Every 30 minutes and as soon as I arrive somewhere:


Filling out my FAFSA for next year and claiming a dependent:


After every meal:


Shopping for baby stuff:



Now that I am regularly starting to feel her kicking and rolling around, I have fallen completely head over heels in love. I cannot wait to snuggle this sweet, precious baby!

hands held

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