Things hoped for

This past week was spring break. I haven’t gotten an official spring break since 2009 which was my last semester in grad school. Now, I do get the last two week days off and I usually like to spend them at home drinking wine, sunbathing,  and working on some project around the house.

This year we spent the majority of the week doing major overhaul to our CFBA building. There was no wine or sunshine. Our “break” involved busting out walls, jack-hammering floors, and painting…So much painting.


After we painted our house I decided I would NEVER do that again. EVER. Painting is the worst! Until we needed to paint an 8,000 square foot building for our business and then there we were…painting. It took 3 days of rolling and brushing before we decided to buy a sprayer.


Worth every penny! We still have so much more to paint but we got the major areas taken care of for now.

While I was brushing in all the spots between bricks, I had a lot of time to think…like hours. And I found myself being irritable and annoyed that we had to spend our spring break working on this building. I was daydreaming about one of my most favorite times with Josh when we decided on a whim to head with a group of friends to Port Aransas for spring break.

spring break 2012

Man, that was fun…

But I was stuck in that old building with a paint brush and all these people were posting pictures on facebook of all the places they traveled and the sunshine and it just got me grumpy.

But then I remembered why we were doing this. I remembered how much we’ve wanted this. How I used to look at other brave entrepreneurs and want what they had. And here I am, blessed beyond belief with the adventure of a lifetime with my best friend. What do I have to be grumpy about??

hoped for

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