The small stuff

Last night I got to see my almost 4 year old nephew. After he walked through the door and got hugs out of the way, we were asking how his day was. He looked up with full fervor and stated:

“I pooped and so that made my day better!”


What a cute thing to say!

So, obviously, I began analyzing this statement. (because everything has deeper meaning with me) I thought, how wonderful would life be if I could allow myself to feel good about little things? What if I could look at life with child-like wonder?

Right now, if one “bad” thing happens, it can put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. If traffic is backed up, or work is too busy, or my pants don’t fit right, I’m just like


But why doesn’t it work the other way around? There are so many small things to be grateful for, way more than the annoying things. I’m grateful that I have a car to drive in traffic. I’m grateful that I have a job. I’m grateful that I have plenty of clothes to choose from. I mean, just waking up in a warm bed next to a beautiful man every day should be enough to put me in a good mood forever.

Here’s the deal. If I drop my phone on the ground, I don’t pick it up and start smashing it until it’s broken. So why would I let one little thing ruin my day?

grumpy gills

I do not want to be grumpy gills all the time. So I am choosing to focus on all the good things in life and stop wasting time being grumpy gills.

life moves fast

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