Tattoos are kind of a touchy subject, some people hate them, others love them. I have several tattoos myself. Whatever your views just remember…

good people

All of my tattoos symbolize some important life lesson or value of mine. My first one was a dragonfly which symbolizes the benefit of struggle and new life. I talk about that more here when I share the Story of the Dragonfly.

My second one was a 26.2 on my foot from the marathon I ran in 2012. It represents that you should never say never.

My third one I got as a reminder to be kind and loving to those around me and myself. It’s in my mother’s handwriting.

grace tattoo

And I added a new one on my shoulder last week. (I know, I’m starting to feel like a real gangsta)

arrow tattoo

It says Sisu (See-Sue) which is a Finnish word.


I’ve been interested in Finnish culture for a while now. Basically ever since I found out how well their education system has been doing after a major overhaul about 4o years ago…but that’s a post for another day…

The arrow symbolizes the foundation of the CrossFit box Josh and I created.


Josh doesn’t really understand why I get these things tattooed on myself. I don’t really either. I just know that I have always liked surrounding myself with positive messages, people, and colors. So I guess my body is no exception.

“The tattoo attracts and also repels precisely because it is different.” -Margo DeMello


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