Happy mind, happy life

Thanksgiving break was marvelous! I basically spent it doing this




and this


One of the books I started is one I have tried to read before. I came across it several years ago when a student referred me to it.

The Secret

I was initially disappointed with this book because my thought was ‘this isn’t much of a secret’. I only made it through the first chapter before it ended up in the basket of bathroom books. And that’s where it stayed until I picked it back up last week.

After reading Think and Grow RichI thought I’d go back and give this book another try.

Not to give away too much of “the secret” but it’s basically about the power of our minds. The section on financial prosperity makes the argument that we should change our view about money and visualize it coming to us in order to attract more money to our lives.

Instead of thinking

no money

Be more like


And the power of your positivity will bring positive things to your life.

I am a total believer in the power of a positive and grateful mindset. But the suggestion that we visualize checks coming to the mailbox was a little much.

But I decided I would at least try to change my mindset about money. Instead of thinking we never have enough (that is an awful trap) I would start thinking that we have plenty. The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is thank God for everything he has given me. And the last few days I have added a statement about how abundant my life is. Every time I think a negative thought about money, I immediately reframe it to a positive light.

So here’s the weird thing…

Monday evening, Josh told me that he looked in to purchasing firewood for the winter. (Last year, we just kept stealing it from my parents’ house but I didn’t want to do that to them again.) He said it would be about $125. I told him I just did the budget that morning and there was not $125 for firewood. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be there next paycheck either.

We left it there and I finished what I was doing and we went to bed later. The next day, I continued with my gratitude and repeating in my head ‘we have plenty’ and went to work, all was normal.

I ended up taking a really late lunch and the mail came by while I was home. When I saw the truck pull up I thought about the book. And I said aloud, ‘I bet there is a check in there today’.

I walked out to the mailbox, pulled down the lever, and sure enough, there was a check from one of the football games Josh reffed on top of the pile. I opened it up and found that the check was for $150. Just what we needed for the firewood.

Now, I realize that check was on it’s way to our house way before the thought entered my mind. But still…it’s kinda cool right?

change your mind


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