Learning to share

I actually didn’t like Josh when I first met him. He was super outgoing and always making jokes. I was super quiet and reserved so I found him incredibly obnoxious. He was always trying to make people laugh and I just wasn’t having any of it.


But the more time I spent around him, the more he started to grow on me. After a little while, I started thinking his jokes were pretty cute. And then I was actually laughing at his jokes. And then I was finding myself making up reasons to be around him more. And well…here we are today, about to celebrate our 6th year of marriage.


People are drawn to Josh. Everywhere we go, we see people that know him and want to talk to him. Like…everywhere. Even when we’re out of town we can run in to people he knows from somewhere.

It’s annoying. When I am out with Josh, I just want it to be me and him. I’m selfish and I want him to pay attention to me!

We were out to dinner a few weeks ago. I had a long, hard day at work and I just wanted to sit down with Josh and vent about it. But we ran in to one of his patients. Who proceeded to talk and talk and talk. It was obvious that she really liked Josh and was genuinely happy to see him. After we finished, I went to go sit down and Josh went up to the salad buffet where he saw his patient again who started talking again.

At that point, I was getting irritated. I didn’t have my normal patience because I was already upset about some stuff that happened that day.  Couldn’t she see we were trying to have dinner??

While I was sitting alone at our table stewing, his patient came over to me. She told me that Josh was an absolutely wonderful physical therapist and she just adored him. She said he did such a good job with her and she was just so grateful for him. She apologized for taking him away from his dinner but she just wanted me to know how great he was.


Well I felt like a jerk…

I’ve always known how loveable Josh is. Of course, many of the things I love about him are things that other people love too. But sometimes I forget that it’s not all about me.

After the woman walked away, I said a little prayer thanking God for my wonderful husband. This was such a good reminder to me to not only be grateful for the special gift God gave me, but also to be more willing to share my gift with others.

I have shared this quote before but it really is so true I have to post it again…




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