Slow to anger

Like all home-owners, Josh and I have a list of to-do’s for our house. We’ve been working on it since we moved in and it has come a really long way on the inside!


First, we repainted every room.


Then we moved in our furniture.

And personalized it a little bit. 

Of course we personalized it a little bit.

Then we finally got the garage gym set up.

Then we finally got the garage gym set up.

We still want to replace the tile floors with wood and repaint the cabinets…some day. Also hoping to work on filling up those extra bedrooms if you know what I mean… But in the meantime, we’re trying to spruce up the outside. Our HOA requires us to keep our dumpster hidden. So we’ve been keeping it in the garage which hasn’t been working for me since I like to workout in there in the mornings. Also, I seem to have a really bad habit of whapping dumpsters with my side view mirrors (see below). So Josh and I decided to build a little “dumpster hide-away” on the side of the house. Well, actually I decided and then watched Josh build it. That’s how it really went down.

Friday morning, I already got off to a bad start when I whacked a dumpster with my side view mirror. Long story…but I was not texting and driving! (that’s not sarcasm, I really was trying to be a good driver)

car mirrorI went back and found the mirror still intact on the side of the road so it’s back now. It rained on us on Saturday and we made no less than 3 trips to Lowe’s throughout the weekend to get one thing or another. This project was annoying to say the least. And I managed to keep my composure through it all.

And then I accidentally busted out my back tail light cover with a wood board.

car light busted

That’s when expletives came out of my mouth. It was kind of ironic because Josh had gotten pretty frustrated with this “simple” project too. And the sermon at church that morning was about anger. Hmmmm…

But we got it done, because we’re awesome and we don’t quit. And now I can workout in the garage without smelling last night’s rotting left overs.

dumpster hide

“There are two things a person should never be angry at,
what they can help, and what they cannot.”-Proverb


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