I’m listening

It is starting to get creepy you guys…

So after the sermon we heard last weekend, Josh and I decided that we were for sure moving forward with our CrossFit box. We got together with a realtor and looked at a couple of locations.

I really prefer to lease because it seems safer. But there is this building that we both really love that’s for sale.


Saturday morning, I went for a run and then had to grab a few groceries. The entire time I am worrying about this dilemma…to buy or to lease, to buy or to lease…

In the meantime, I am counting pennies in the grocery store.

on a budget

I’m just, in general, worrying about money and the risk Josh and I are about to take. My head is telling me that we should lease. But my heart is telling me that we need to buy this old decrepit laundromat. Of course, I am afraid to buy a building. For pity’s sake we already have one mortgage, student loans, and car payments to worry about!

So, I get in the car to head home and as soon as I pull out of the grocery store lot there’s this:


Ya’ll…I was just taken aback. Where are all of these creepy messages coming from??

god is real

I’ve told ya’ll I believe in signs. Call me ignorant, gullible, kooky, whatever you want. But I’ve made it to where I am today by following my heart and this will be no different.

Not that we are seeking treasure in the American sense, we’ve always had what we needed. Josh and I are seeking a different treasure. Fulfillment in our work, seeing people overcome fear and change their lives, and spending more time with each other, and hopefully, our future children. If this box makes money, great. But that’s not our purpose. Our treasure lies in the relationships we can build.








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