Devil’s Waterhole

We took a family trip to Inks Lake State Park for the 4th of July and had lots of fun camping, swimming, and enjoying each other’s company. Because I’m me, I can’t go anywhere without over analyzing everything so here is my lesson from the trip.

nerd alert 1

In the park, there is a swimming area called The Devil’s Waterhole. The first morning we went down there I didn’t feel like getting in the water. So I sat on a rock to people-watch.


My perch was that shady rock to the right.

The giant rock to the left in the picture is a popular cliff jumping spot but I didn’t realize that until after we got there. Once we saw a couple people jump off I knew Josh would be all over that.

josh jump

He hardly hesitated at all! Josh is fearless.

Most everyone else had a really hard time jumping off this cliff. We estimated it to be about 15-20 feet above the water. And some people were even jumping from the taller rock above that.

I spent a good portion of that morning watching people work through their fear. If it took someone longer than about 5-10 minutes to jump, everyone would start cheering for them and encouraging them. Once they jumped, the whole area erupted in cheers.

high five

It was just a really positive energy. This is what Josh and I want to do with our CrossFit Box. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of overcoming fears. They do it on Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss because it works. Even Bear Grylls does it with celebrities on his show Running Wild.

It was so hard to watch these people hesitate, sweat, struggle, and cringe at the top of that rock. But the pure joy on their faces when they came back up from the water showed that it was totally worth it.

Of course I say all this but I sure didn’t jump off that rock! I was too busy conquering my fear of spiders on this trip!


One thing at a time here, people.


‘Cause fear in itself
Will reel you in and spit you out
Over and over again
Believe in yourself
And you will walk
Now, fear in itself
Will use you up and break you down
Like you were never enough
Yeah, I used to fall, now I get back up

-Fear by Blue October on the album Sway


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