Something really great happened to me at work. I submitted a proposal last year to teach a First Year Seminar Course in Fall 2015 and it was selected! I don’t have a doctorate yet so…


Just kidding…But I have been really excited about this. I mean, this is what I love to do. I have been planning this course in my head since last October. This summer I put it all on paper, created my syllabus, and developed all my assignments and lesson plans. But something unexpected happened…

No one wanted to take my course.

not supposed to happen

My course is titled #hereforareason
Do we find ourselves or create ourselves? You are here for a reason and this course will help you discover what it is. Rooted in the work of Dr. Tim Elmore, founder of Growing Leaders, this section focuses on understanding God’s purpose for your life. Learn to appreciate failures, and overcome fear in order to create the life you imagine. Designed for undecided majors or those unsure of what career opportunities exist in their majors.

I just don’t understand, who wouldn’t want to take this course??

18 year olds apparently. I guess I’m going about this all wrong. I understand the importance of failure for growth in life but college students haven’t gotten there yet. I probably scared them all off with my mumbo jumbo. I should have just titled it something like “how to get famous and win millions” and maybe I’d have a full class.

So lesson of the day is in the irony:
I failed at convincing college students to join my class about why failure is important.


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