Love is hard


is what brings us together today…

So I am a silent treatment giver. As much as I hate it and I know I’m doing it, I am the typical woman. Josh asks me what’s wrong and I reply tightly “nothing”. When we both know there definitely is something wrong.


And make you try to guess what you’ve done to offend me so.

I am trying really hard not to do this to him anymore. I feel bad for this flaw and I always apologize for acting like a baby. But let’s be real, Josh has his share of flaws too.

put up with me

But we make a daily choice to love each other anyway. Some days are harder than others. But if Bald Eagles, Swans, and Gibbons can make it work for life then we can too. (their life spans are much shorter than ours…but we can ignore that fact)

Anyway, this morning headed to work I was listening to James Morrison on my ipod and one of my favorites came on. It’s called Love is Hard. And that thing that I told ya’ll happens sometimes happened again. When lyrics I’ve heard many times before suddenly pop out at me like I’m hearing them for the first time.

Love takes hostages
And gives them pain
Gives someone the power
To hurt you again and again

How true. Love IS hard.


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