So about this time last year I got a stress fracture in my foot while I was training for a half marathon. I was pretty upset about it and you can reread that embarrassing account here.

I think that happened because I was supposed to learn how to view running as an enjoyable activity, not an excuse to eat everything in sight. And I really did try y’all.

But I don’t think I learned that lesson…And now I have a fractured rib.


The worst part is, it’s not even a good story. I fractured my rib from coughing too hard.


So here I am again…at holiday time….food is everywhere….and I am unable to run.

Instead of viewing this as a terrible stroke of bad luck and breaking down crying in public I have decided to take this as a second chance.

I really love food. I like to eat it when I’m happy, sad, mad, and even when I’m just nothing. And I used to get away with this because I would exercise profusely. Even though I know it’s unhealthy behavior and I have been trying to stop for a year now…old habits die hard man. I’m still using exercise as a crutch for my food addiction.

Perfectionism is holding me back. It’s hard for me to accept failure and the fact that this is going to take me a while. If the scale says I’ve gained a pound or two I immediately get caught up in a storm of self destruction that delays my journey.


I don’t know how long it will take me to change my ways, but I know this…I don’t quit.



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