Youer than you

I’ve been feeling really insecure about my writing lately. Mostly ever since my papers were torn apart by my professor this semester.

I have been writing since I was in elementary school. Diaries, journals, poetry, love letters, and blogs. I never thought of myself as a good writer until the last few years. But then I got my first paper back…Not as good as I thought I was.

bad lipstick

I can’t help but compare myself to everyone else. I will read a great blog and think, “gosh, why can’t I write like her?” Or I read a great book and think, “gosh, why I can’t my stories be that engaging?”

But here’s the deal. I’m not that other blogger or that other author. I’m just Lindsay. I write the best  I can with what I know now.

your best

Josh introduced me to a band called Blue October a long time ago. I have been obsessed ever since. I freakin love Blue October. The lead singer Justin Furstenfeld could sing to me every single day for the rest of my life and I would never get tired of hearing his voice.


Not only does he have a great voice, but I can also really relate to his music. He is honest about his struggles. Thank God he owned his story and shares it with the world. Thank God he didn’t allow insecurity to take over and try to imitate someone else. The world would have been deprived of his amazing talent and that would be a tragedy.




Now…I’m pretty sure I’m not the next E.L. James…but I can still take comfort in the knowledge that I don’t have to be anyone else but me. I don’t have to be afraid of letting myself show.

Fear in itself
Will reel you in
And spit you out over and over again
Believe in yourself
and you will walk
Fear in itself
Will use you up and break you down
like you were never enough
I used to fall but now I get back up
From the song Fear by Blue October

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