Becoming real

My first semester of doctoral work is almost over. I have one more paper to write and submit and then I am doneski. Only 11 more semesters to go!


I learned a lot from my two classes this semester. But there is one thing that stands out above everything else.  It wasn’t even part of the coursework really. One weekend in class, we watched a Ted talk by Brene Brown. I am all about the Ted talks but I’d never seen this one before. We watched it because she is a qualitative researcher and that was the class I was in. But I got a lot more out of it than just that.

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

I ended up watching it two more times on my own and made Josh watch it to. Then I bought her book. Yeah…I’m that girl.

I have only made it about 4 chapters so far, even though I’d love to just sit and read it cover to cover. Pesky little things like work, laundry, and personal grooming keep getting in the way. Even though I haven’t gotten very far, there’s already so much I want to share here. This book is so relevant!

So I will apologize ahead of time if my blog seems a little heavy on Brene Brown quotes for a little while.

sorry not sorry

I have told ya’ll that I am working on my inside self this year. (And the year after that, and the year after that. Turns out, it’s not a quick process.) So this part in the book really grabbed my attention. It’s actually a passage from the classic children’s story The Velveteen Rabbit, which I’ve never read but I now intend to.

becoming real

This passage says it all. In her books and presentations, Brene tells us that it’s okay to be vulnerable. Those who are live more wholehearted and fulfilled lives. Money and things can’t provide that.

I’ve never been okay with vulnerable. It’s the perfectionism complex. It keeps me from getting close to people. I am afraid they won’t like me. I might “mess it up”. But that’s part of the journey I’m on. To let it go. To stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. To let myself get close. To love me and in the process allow others to do the same.

beautiful_love them


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