The spit test

I debated for a long time whether I would put this out there or not. But ultimately, I decided to do it. Because if it wasn’t for all the other brave people who posted about their struggles on the internet, I may have never figured out what was wrong with me.

In all my scouring of the internet, I came across something called candida overgrowth. It’s basically when you have too much bad bacteria in your GI tract. This is a great website for more information

I ended up doing the spit test and sure enough…my spit was pretty much just like the picture. So after several weeks of no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no bread, very little carbs and a supplement I found at a local drug store, I did the spit test again. This time my spit was normal.

Yay! I still have to be pretty careful, I can’t go all overboard with it and eat whatever I want. But I don’t have to be as strict as I was either.

agnes candy

It took me almost a year to figure this out and with almost no help from the doctors, other than eliminating major illnesses.



I feel so relieved. Now I need to find something to do to fill all the time I was spending researching digestive issues on the internet…

bubble bath ryan

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