The last last time

I recently watched a movie called Lbs about a man with food addiction. He also has a best friend with a drug addiction. I’ve often wondered about the parallels of drug addiction and food addiction and this movie had some very interesting points comparing the two types of dependence. It seems addiction of any kind is a growing problem these days.

This particular movie was interesting to me because I definitely have a problem. It’s painful to reveal that to the world but it’s true. I’ve always been able to balance out any overreating binges with exercise. But this year, things changed. I had a stress fracture in my foot–no exercise for a while. Then I got sick. The tests were negative for Celiac disease so I assumed (and hoped) I was just suffering gastritis and on the verge of an ulcer.

In order to heal my insides, I ‘ve been restricting my diet. But for some darn reason I just really love food and I am finding it really hard to say no sometimes.


Last Saturday I decided to have 1/2 of the sour dough bun that came with my burger assuming that since my Celiac test was negative I should be just fine. I hadn’t had any gluten for a while, I have been feeling so much better so half a bun shouldn’t hurt me right?


My stomach hurt that night. I had a headache all day Sunday. My back ached terribly on Monday, I had a sore throat Tuesday and this morning I woke up with a migraine. All from 1 slice of bread.

So this is the last last time. I’m done. There is no bread, pizza, ice cream, or cookie on the planet worth this suffering.

no cupcake

Goodbye gluten. You’ve been with me through good times and bad but lately….it’s just all bad.



“The acknowledgment of our weakness is the first step in repairing our loss.”-Thomas Kempis

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