Ignorance is bliss

Josh always gets really nervous any time I start off a conversation with “So I’ve been doing some thinking…”. It usually doesn’t end well for him. And I have been doing A LOT of thinking lately…and reading…and watching. I’ve been learning about the way our food is prepared in the U.S. and the effects of wheat, sugar, and processed food. I gotta say…I’m not feeling too confident about it.


After researching extensively on the internet, reading the book Wheat Belly, and watching several documentaries including Food, Inc. and The Perfect Human Diet, I am really concerned about the long term effects that modern agriculture is having on our health and overall well-being. And I’m even more concerned about the lack of power that the “little people” seem to have. 

I am by no means an expert and I’m sure there are still facts I have yet to learn. But I’m just sayin, I want to live to be 100. And I want my future kids to live to be 100. And I’d like to do this in a world where we can thrive not just survive. But the truth is, if you want to eat healthy (paleo) you gotta pay. For me and Josh, a significant amount of our income goes to food every month. I did a quick little google search to find out the average amount Americans spend on groceries each month. The number I got for a family of 4 is the same amount Josh and I spend for just the 2 of us. Since we have been choosing grass fed beef, no antibiotic milk/egg products, gluten free items, and organic fruit and veggies our grocery bill is large.

food infographic

We were checking out at the grocery store last week and I noticed a donation box. It was for the local food bank and it said $1 provides 5 meals.

no sense

I miss the bliss of ignorance. When I stopped at sonic for a 44oz diet coke without guilt, even thinking I was making a good choice. When I used to buy the box of “whole grain” cereal thinking it was the healthy choice because the government told me so. Back when I operated under the notion that as long as calories-in did not equal more than calories-out I was good. Now I’m just really disturbed by everything I have discovered. (I’ve been told I’m a worry wort.) 


But I can’t go back. I can’t un-know what I know. So I have to decide to either not care or make a change. I read somewhere that every time we make a purchase we are voting with our dollars. So I choose to vote healthy and natural. (the real meaning of natural, not the advertising version). I will do my best to continue educating myself and supporting local grass-fed farms and fresh markets. Since moving to the country and reverting back to the hunting and gathering methods of our ancestors is not an option right now, that’s the best I can do. I’ll just have to sacrifice pedicures and cute running pants to do it.



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