What have I gotten myself in to?

I don’t really remember when I realized that my college job could be a career. I just know that one day I didn’t know and the next day I did. I decided to get a masters in Higher Education so I could stay on the college campus forever. Of course, when I graduated in 2009 I was super stoked…I got to participate in all the fun of college without having to go to class or do homework…the best part is they pay me!

But if you want to  move up and on in this field, you’ve most likely got to get a doctorate degree. Which years ago, if someone mentioned that to me, my response was


I have always had an entrepreneurial yearning, I just haven’t discovered what to do with it yet. But I do know that I love management, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Like seriously…don’t get me started or I will talk your ear off and you will regret your decision to bring it up to me.

i dont care

Anyway, when I moved back to my hometown for the new job and discovered that this school offers a doctorate of leadership and as an employee I get a 50% discount…well…I changed my mind.

It’s really interesting how your viewpoint can change when you’re in your sweet spot. I used to despise reading in undergrad. It was just too hard for me to sit still and calm my mind. But now I devour books whenever I can because I get to choose the topics and I obviously choose things that are interesting to me.

As time has gone on, I have learned a lot about myself, my values, and my interests. The theme of this blog is never say never and I just keep proving that to myself over and over again. I used to say I would never get my doctorate but here I am…enrolled in a program set to begin in a few weeks.


There is a lot of doubt and a lot of fear but mostly I’m just stinkin’ excited! I love this school and I love this topic. Plus I’ll get to travel in the summers!


It’s a big commitment, this is a 4 year program. Which probably means no babies for a while. But hey, if I keep using my Mary Kay hopefully I won’t be the mom that’s constantly mistaken for the grandma.

I have no idea where this degree will take me, but I can’t wait to get there. I’ve changed so much just in the last 4 years, who can begin to imagine where I’ll be in the next 4…



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