A quiet mind

The world is such a loud place. All day I feel bombarded with noise. Cell phones, tv’s, trucks with duel exhaust, dogs barking, sirens, radios, airplanes, advertising, people talking…constantly talking.

loud noises

Lately I’m just feeling really overwhelmed by it all. I miss my quiet time back in St. Louis. There were days that I literally didn’t speak a word to anyone…other than my Starbucks order, that is. To some that sounds like a nightmare. To me it was absolutely glorious.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and helping people. I love talking to friends and family. But as an introvert I need ‘me time’ to recharge so that I have energy for those engagements.

introvert ecard

The problem is I am a Type A. I have a really hard time being still and quiet. I’ve been told many times that I could benefit from meditation but all my attempts thus far have not been very successful.


It’s just hard to find a place to quiet my mind, to stop the worry and the constant self-imposed pressure of needing to be productive.

The closest I’ve ever come to successful meditation is during early morning runs. Before the sun even rises. I love those runs. The world is quiet except for the birds. Especially on Sunday mornings…those are the best.

But Sunday is only one day. I need to refocus my mind daily. Deleting my facebook has helped tremendously. That alone has given me so much more time in the day to read! It’s kind of embarrassing to think that I wasted that much of my time on that silly network.

Speaking of reading…I’ve been devouring an amazing book called Found by Micha Boyett. She discusses these same issues and talks about how she dealt with it. She actually visited a monastery in her process. I think I love this book because it’s so real and I can completely relate to her words.

Increasingly, I feel the need to just stop…just get out. I want to go away. I want to climb a mountain and stay there for a while. But first I need to locate a mountain in West Texas.

“We are sick with fascination for the useful tools of names and numbers, of symbols, signs, conceptions and ideas. Meditation is therefore the art of suspending verbal and symbolic thinking for a time, somewhat as a courteous audience will stop talking when a concert is about to begin.”- Alan Watts


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