Fix my eyes

I think I am going to stop announcing the goals I set for myself. Because it seems every time I decide “hey, this is an area I need to work on” something happens to test me. Wednesday I posted about minimalism and why I am deleting my facebook and then on Thursday I deleted my facebook. The main reason is my attempt to take my eyes of the things of this world and focus them on the hearts of people.

And then this happened:

car1 car2

and this…


A hail storm came through and demolished everything in its path. Not gonna lie…I cried…let’s be honest….I sobbed…Ok, I bawled like a hysterical child.

 Who me? Oh, I’m totally not materialistic. I don’t care about stuff at all!

normal reaction if you miss a workout

Oh, unless it’s my car…or my house…those things don’t count.

baby cry

Looking back, I think it was just shock. I was not expecting this at all. I guess we never do. It’s just the fact that these are the 2 things I have worked so hard for in my life. Especially my car, it was the first thing I ever bought and paid for all on my own. But it’s just a thing. There are more important things to work for like kindness and integrity.

We weren’t the only ones. Thousands were affected by the storm. Enterprise already had requests for 700 reservations when I showed up at 7:30 this morning. Every single house in our neighborhood had some sort of damage. But no one was hurt. Our things were damaged but our bodies were safe.

I don’t always listen to music when I get ready in the mornings. Just when I feel like I need a lift (and I needed one this morning). The very first song that came on my Pandora…ya’ll, it was like God was speaking to me.


 Here are the lyrics if you aren’t familiar with this song.

I realize that the hail storm was not a direct result of me announcing that I want to be less materialistic, but it’s a lesson I’m still going to take and grow from. I look around today and see so many people striving for things of this world, cars, houses, iphones, ipads, power, money, titles. All of them empty. I read a blog post related to this  from Dr. Tim Elmore about a recent school shooting in California that was pretty disturbing. You can read it HERE.

Things mean nothing. I am a spiritual being living a temporary human experience. Earth is not my home. The purpose of this life is to hurt, to grow from that hurt, and then to teach others how to do the same. I choose to fix my eyes on what matters…and it’s not my totaled car or my busted out windows.




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