Drunk octopus


I took this picture over a year ago in a movie theater in St. Louis. I was actually in the bathroom stall and looked up to find this random note by the coat hook. How ingenious! I have never in my life looked at a coat hook and seen an octopus. Now, it’s all I see….my life changed forever.

I have taken this concept and applied it to my experiences and struggles. I have always tended to be a very anxious person. As much as I hate to admit it, I am kind of a negative nancy. For a while, I was in denial claiming to be merely “realistic” but deep down, I knew what I really was.

But I just got tired of being the negative one. I don’t particularly enjoy being around negative people, why the heck would I want to put others through that?

So I decided to stop. One day I decided to start seeing things from the other perspective. Life’s struggles and challenges are not here to make us miserable. Hard times aren’t meant to hurt us. The purpose is for us to grow and then use what we’ve learned to help others. I believe this.

Just because we don’t like something (or someone) doesn’t mean we should avoid it. In fact, we should embrace it as a challenge to our own character. What’s the old saying? Don’t go through life, grow through life.


I am nowhere near perfect on this. It affects me in all aspects-from my relationship with Josh, my running, my health, my job. Almost always, my first reaction to anything remotely unpleasant or unexpected is negativity and even sometimes anger. I am usually pretty good at hiding my real feelings but believe me, I’m stewing on the inside. What does this accomplish? Nothing. I still have to remind myself of this and work to see the good side of every situation. This is especially heavy on my heart right now with all the back forth from at the doctor’s offices. But I think we are close to figuring out what’s going on.

And it’s all okay because I trust the reward will be great and worth every struggle.



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