This morning I kept smelling gasoline in our closet…Super weird. So I go out to the garage because it’s kind of near our closet and check on the gas can just to make sure it didn’t leak all over the place or something. When I lifted it up I found a giant (to me) scorpion!

Since Josh was out of town, I did what any self-sufficient woman would have done…I got the can of roach spray and sprayed the thing to death. At least I hope it died. It laid there for a long time. But when I came back later to check, it was gone…

And so this event sparked a thought in my mind. After I calmed down a bit, I realized that the gas can had not leaked. It was completely dry in the garage. I went back to the closet after poisoning the scorpion but I didn’t smell the gasoline anymore.

What had caused this? Was it my imagination?  Whatever it was, I had followed an impulse to go check the gas can and found a scorpion which I, if not killed at least heavily maimed so it can no longer hurt me or the dogs. (Though I’m sure there will be plenty more where that one came from)

Such a small example but it is these moments that remind me that I am not in control. Call me earthy, spiritual, coo coo pants, whatever you want, but I believe in signs, omens, and our natural premonition.

One incident stands out in my mind. Years ago, when I first started my weight loss journey, I was walking to and from work. There was a highway that went through town and split in to 2 sides, each going one way, so I had to cross it twice. It was 4 lanes of traffic on each side but there was a stoplight so it was pretty safe.

I always wore my headphones and listened to music, it was kind of my “me-time”. But this one particular day, I felt my phone vibrating in my backpack and I pulled it out. I despise talking on the phone, it’s just not something that I’ve ever enjoyed. But this day it was my sweet cousin who I rarely get to talk to anymore so I answered right away.

I had taken my headphones out to talk to her and was waiting for the ‘walk sign’ at that highway intersection. When it changed I went to step out in to the street and heard what sounded like a car coming. I immediately looked left and saw that a car was coming. It was speeding toward me to run the light. I jerked back on to the curb and barely avoided being run over.

When I got home I just had to tell Josh what had happened. I NEVER talk on the phone and especially not to this person. But for some reason she felt compelled to call me that day. And so she did and she probably saved my life. I truly believe I would not have heard that car if I had not taken my headphones out.

It makes me wonder…the times I just feel like going a different way to work, or I get the urge to send someone an encouraging note, or my alarm just doesn’t go off inexplicably, what impact do these seemingly minor events have?

On a somewhat similar note, I came across a video last night that someone shared on Facebook which is encouraging us to look up from our phones and live the life around us. You can watch it here, it is very touching and worth the 5 minutes.

Impulses, callings, pure chance, whatever it is. It gives me a sense of peace to think that sometimes things can just take care of themselves and I don’t have to be the one trying to figure it out all the time. Some of the absolute best things in my life have come from impulses I chose to follow.

let go





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