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It seems as though my life is repeating itself. Back in 2010, strange things started happening to my body. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t get a single doctor to believe me. It took 3 weeks of pain, numbness, tingling, and freaking out before I was finally given a diagnosis of guillain-barre, an autoimmune disease. You can read about that here if you’re interested.

I am fully recovered from that disease, only experiencing very minor residual effects. However, once diagnosed with an autoimmune you have a higher chance of developing another as time goes on. Lovely.

Back in fall 2012, a lot was going on for me. What with resigning from my job and up and moving to St. Louis, I was feeling a little…out of sorts. But it continued, all the odd hormonal & gastrointestinal issues. I took so many at home pregnancy tests but they were all negative. So, we assumed it was stress and moved on.

But it’s been over a year now. The symptoms have not gone away, in fact, they have been getting progressively worse. It’s all over the place and so far I have had no answers. Just another hormonal woman. And I had resigned myself to believe that.

Until last week when I suddenly gained several pounds, my belly was distended and hard which was accompanied by an ache throughout my abdomen. Now, believe me…I have been bloated with gas before. (I do love me some mexican food and margaritas.) But with gas, there is eventually…relief. This didn’t go away for several days. Which is how I found myself at the minor emergency clinic. That didn’t go well. I was basically told that they didn’t know why my belly was hurting but that my blood work showed I was in the recovery stage of mono.


I coulnd’t help but be reminded of an emergency room visit I had when I had guillain barre. I went there with pain all over and numbness and tingling in my extremities. After 4 hours of tests and waiting on results of said tests, I was diagnosed with paresthesia…A big word for numbness and tingling.


But back to the present…the pain in my abdomen is still there a week later. It has spread to my low back and it is now resonating all the way up my spine. So yesterday I saw yet another doctor. I explained everything that’s been going on. The symptoms are all over the place, it could be so many things, it’s hard to get to the bottom of it. Put my symptoms in Webmd and I get everything from IBS to cancer. But that is no reason for me to be dismissed, which is exactly how I felt. I was told that I am most likely constipated and given a prescription for a laxative.

How American…


pills are good

I asked for another ultrasound  but the soonest I could get in was Monday. So I will wait it out this weekend. Popping pills for pain just to get through the day.

Surely I am not so full of poo that it is making my entire torso ache? And even then, can we please explore the reason for the constipation and treat that instead of putting a band-aid on a symptom of a bigger issue?


Anyone ever heard of a little drug called Accutane? If you had acne, I’m sure you know it. If you didn’t, you probably heard of it from all the lawyer commercials looking for people who were severely sickened by the drug. (btw…I was on that drug…twice).

I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately. I am questioning a lot of things I have always accepted as the “way of life”.

lego movie

(For those that don’t get this reference…We took the nephews to see the Lego movie a few weeks ago…there seem to be a lot of hidden agenda theories and one of them, I believe, is consumerism and the aloofness of the American society but that’s just me…)

Anyway…I just don’t agree with taking pills to solve our problems. The truth is there is no easy fix for anything. Everything is hard. The difference is the result.


DISCLAIMER: I would just like to say that there are a lot of really good doctors out there who truly listen to their patients. And I am sure it’s also really hard to discriminate between people who are actually sick and those who are faking it to continue receiving disability checks.

Did I just go off on a tangent?

sorry not sorry




  1. I agree, we are too quick to just throw drugs at everything! Judging by all the commercials on tv, drug companies are taking over the country!
    We loved the Lego movie – that song never leaves your head though!

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