The next chapter

2012 was the year of the marathon. 2013 was the year of uncertainty. 2014 will be the year of gluten free.

As much as it pains me to think about eliminating all my favorite foods, it pains me even more to eat them. So it’s decided. I must try. I had to miss work yesterday  because of a flare up from bad choices I made over the weekend.  It started Sunday and I’m still recovering 4 days later. It felt like stomach flu. This is no way to live.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. It’s so overwhelming. There is so much information and a lot of it is conflicting. All I know is I am tired of feeling sick and tired.

Considering that basically everything I eat contains gluten, I’m going to take this slow and expect some mistakes. I’m having to teach myself how to eat all over again.

Made a trip to Natural Grocers tonight and it went a little something like this:

price tag

After I recovered from the shock of the prices, I did end up getting a few things to get me started. The main sources of gluten for me are bread and tortillas so I figured I’d start there.


Something tells me that brown rice loaf isn’t going to be as tasty as the honey wheat I’ve been eating my entire life…


But food is not an activity. It’s not a celebration or an event. It’s fuel for my body. And my body apparently likes the chevron with techron premium unleaded type of fuel. What I sposed to do?

oh well


If anyone happens upon this post and has some good tips for a newbie gluten-free eater they are much appreciated  Download your free smiley



      1. Our friends who has family has celiac swear by Udi’s GF bread. We’ve had it and it’s actually not too bad, just expensive for a tiny loaf!

  1. Lindsay, Wal Mart stocks Gluten free pizza crust in the frozen food section.
    The brand name is Udi’s Or French Meadow . Try Sweet Potato or a Turnip, you
    can bake a turnip just like a potato. I do believe Paula omits bread like a hamburger
    just eat the inside and omit the Bun. When eating out just eat the topping of the Pizza
    and leave the crust. Use Almond meal instead of flour for pan cakes, muffins and etc.
    fresh fruit and veggies, fish and chicken, find some good recipes and stick to them.
    I’m so sorry, Lindsay, but you are so strong, you will be able to do this. I have you in my prayers.

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