So this year I have decided to focus on inner goals rather than outer goals. Which worked out really well since I had a stress fracture in my foot and every free second is going to painting and decorating the new house. So not a whole lot is getting accomplished in that department right now.

One of my absolute favorite things about our time in St. Louis was all the reading I did! I love getting lost in a book. Some days I would spend hours reading.

533144_787420296792_2043497892_n (1)

 I was also going to a body flow class and as a whole, feeling pretty relaxed despite all the uncertainty at the time. As soon as we got back to Texas it was like I was sucked through a vortex and tossed back in to “real life” leaving behind all the free time and the calm feeling. It seems like things have been going a hundred miles an hour ever since.


 I’m thinking this is what it’ll be like when we finally do have that first baby…but we don’t have to worry about that right now.

Anyhooser, I resolved to read more this year. 1 book a month to be exact. Which may not seem like a lot to others but for me, this is a big goal. I never make time for myself. I guess exercise has always counted as my “me time” and other things I love to do get pushed aside by the mundane tasks of every day life. But what do I do when I can’t exercise? (At least not like I want to.)

Running has been my therapy. It helped me through a lot of stressful times in the past couple years. The past several months have been some of the MOST stressful times of my life. And I can’t run it out. Instead, I’ve been filling every extra second to distract myself from a) food and b) the fact that I can’t run. And it hasn’t been working.


So, I am exploring other forms of stress relief.  I read somewhere that stress is poison and I believe that. I think that a lot of the issues I’ve been having with appetite, nausea, moodiness, insomnia, achiness, and difficulty breathing are due to a combination of my constant self-inflicted pressure and an inability to cope with the anxiety brought about by said pressure. I’m getting tired of feeling sick and tired and my “ignore it and maybe it’ll go away” method isn’t working out.


It’s all about what we make time for. And I have decided to make more time for stress relief in my life, like reading, and yoga. So I am going to create a yoga/meditation room in my house. This is my pinterest inspiration.

meditation room

But like most pinterest ideas, I’m fully expecting this to be one of those “close enough” projects…


But that the is theme of my year. Letting go of my need for perfection and embracing life’s imperfections.

As far as reading goes, I really enjoy reading novels but I’m pretty picky about them so I decided to read books about leadership and motivation, a really interesting topic for me. January was a success and a really good read. I’m hurriedly trying to finish my February book before tomorrow. Don’t think I’m gonna make it but I’m blaming it on the fact that February is the short month.

Reading list

“In the case of good books, the point is not how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.”-Mortimer J. Adler

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