Home sweet home


We finally moved in to the new house! I am trying really hard to avoid consumerism and I really don’t want to be materialistic… But I LOVE my house! I basically adore it every time I come home. I think I am just more enamored with the fact that we’ve finally earned what we’ve been working so hard for.

So this may sound weird to a lot of people but I really dislike the color brown. I don’t wear it. I don’t own any brown pillows, blankets, rugs, etc. Josh had a brown pickup one time and it really bothered me. Like most of my aversions, I cannot explain it, it just is. I much prefer black. Which is not that popular of a color in home décor here in Texas.

So the fact that we bought a home which is covered in brown inside and out is just ironic. But I fell in love with the master bathroom and closet and that was the end of it.

Everyone has their list of “must haves” but my # 1 (absolutely NO compromising on this point) was the master bathroom. Josh and I shared a bathroom for our first year of marriage. That was brutal. From what I gather on HGTV, that is really normal up north. But down here in Texas we like our space. So when we moved in to our next apartment we made sure it had 2 bathrooms. Best thing we ever did for our marriage.

But, I knew when we bought a house we’d have to go back to sharing and that’s why I wanted a big one…with a walk in closet and a big ol’ tub.


And I found it! Some people are like “I don’t know why you want one of those big jetted tubs, you’ll never use it”. Oh yes I do! This is literally me every single night


But back to the brown issue. I somehow convinced Josh to help me repaint the entire house.

Yall, this is really hard work! At first you’re like oh yay! I have a new house and I get to paint it with all my own colors. And then after the first day of climbing up and down the ladder, taping off baseboards, and cleaning up messes you’re like


But I love it more and more with every wall we complete. We bought a newer house because we aren’t very “handy”. I may be crafty but I’m not “handy”. (and there is a big difference)


So…so me.

I did not want to do any major renovations. Painting walls and cabinets is fine. We will probably replace flooring and tile later on, but that’s the extent of it. I’d much rather spend my weekends relaxing and playing with the nephews. So progress is slow but I will post some before and afters soon.



  1. Congratulations! We’re in the same boat – looking to buy a new place, but I am very picky and we’re not very handy. A heftier price tag comes with it but I plan on stalking the MLS listing for something that will fit all of our “must haves” and not necessarily all of our “nice to haves”.

    1. i’m with you! we looked at SO many houses but it was all worth it when we found the one we both loved. it was at the top of our price range but it is worth every single penny to come home to a place we love. Good luck!! I hope you find a great place for your sweet family 🙂

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