Don’t judge me…

Ok…I haven’t been completely upfront. In fact, I have been withholding information. I didn’t want to say anything lest the words actually entering the cyber universe curse me but it doesn’t matter because it happened anyway. I had to cancel my registration in the Miracle Match 1/2 marathon this month. I was actually signed up for a special event called the Challenge of the Phoenix with a 5k on Saturday and the 1/2 on Sunday. I was really really looking forward to it.

But I did something stupid. I did something ALL runners know not to do. I ignored an injury.

I know…I know…I can just see all your faces…


This is the exact face I had when Josh would complain about a nagging knee injury he was having most of last year. I was always the one preaching to Josh and all my friends the importance of taking breaks when you think you might be hurt. “It’s better to take 1 week off than 6!” So smug…

But then when it’s me that feels a twinge the rules apparently don’t apply.


I started feeling a burning sensation on the top of my left foot back in July. But I just brushed it off. Then my foot started feeling sore after some runs. I just figured it would go away. Then my foot started hurting after every run but I figured I could just ice and move on.

I was struggling with mental concentration and dedication. I already gave up once last fall because of it. I just couldn’t allow myself to give up again (even if it was for a legitimate reason). So I decided to go ahead with an 11 mile run 2 weekends ago. Not my best decision. I have been limping and icing ever since. The stupidity continued. Last Saturday I tried to go out for the 12 miler but I just had to stop. My foot was throbbing and aching the entire time. I had to call it quits at mile 4. It was way too painful and obvious that this was a legitimate injury and not soreness and it definitely wasn’t mental weakness.

I indulged in a good cry


Then a totally justified hissy fit


But I’m over it…for the most part. Nothing I can do about it now except learn and move on.

I went to the doctor today and the Xray didn’t really show anything. I have to wait to see what the MRI will show but we’re pretty sure it’s a stress fracture. Which means I get to wear a super stylish boot for the next 6 weeks.

And no running for 6-8 weeks. That’s right…no running…


I’m gonna do my best. Besides, the timing is actually pretty good. What’s 6-8 weeks out of the grand scheme of a lifetime? I can use this time to focus on picking the colors for our new house!

“When I was 37, I pulled a groin muscle, and I tried to run through it. A friend asked, ‘You have to decide: Are you going to run for the next two weeks or for the rest of your life?’ Thats been my philosophy ever since.” Richard Hillested, 66, finisher of more than 75 marathons and Ultra

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