Never say never

Since I was in middle school I always said I would NEVER live in my hometown. As soon as I graduated high school I moved away and I only came back for holidays and summers. This had absolutely nothing to do with my family, I LOVE my family! In fact, I am constantly driving back and forth to spend more time with my family.

It was something to do with me. I guess I just always wanted something that was my own in a weird way. But God is mysterious. I have learned so much about myself since moving away from home. I am a completely different person than the shy, fearful 18 year old that my parents dropped off at college. There are a lot of things I used to say never to but have since realized that I was holding myself back. I love the life Josh and I have created together and I’m sure the sadness will hit me soon enough.

But I am ready to come home. Even though I said I never would. I said I would NEVER want to walk around in a city with all the people I went to high school with. (I really don’t understand my aversion to that but it is what it is.) Regardless, I have accepted an incredible job offer in my hometown.

This is the job ya’ll. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. This is the place I have been prepared to go.

I am totally high on happiness and a little euphoric right now. I haven’t even begun to process all the logistics that will be involved. Especially considering that I start in 2 weeks and Josh is under contract at his job. Details, just details. When you know, you know and I am being called to this position.

I’m sure there will be much angst to follow!



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