Get comfortable


I’ve always been  mistaken for being a lot older than I am. One time I was in the grocery store with my mom and the guy at the check out said “So, what college you goin’ to?” and I was like “Um…I’m in the 8th grade!”. Another time, I was 21 at a party and a woman thought I was in my 30’s. And let’s not forget the time that girl thought I was Josh’s mom! So yeah…when I say I’m always mistaken for being older, I mean A LOT older.

And I suddenly noticed the other day that I am no longer being referred to as a “girl”. I showed up for a meeting somewhere the other day and the front desk person referred to me as “the lady from the symphony”.

the lady?? Can I at least get young lady??


But I am determined to be a graceful ager. Which I guess is pretty easy to say right now. But, I mean it’s not like I ever want to go back to “younger days”.  Sure, my skin was tighter with less fine lines back then but I also had braces, acne, and mosquito bites for boobs.

broken mirror

There is obviously very little I can do to control the process of aging. I have stopped tanning, I cleaned up my eating, I exercise, and I use sunscreen and mary kay daily. That’s about all I can afford. And if I have learned anything in my very short 27 years, it’s that it’s a waste of time to worry about things you can’t control. And in fact, is quite counter productive to my anti-aging pursuits.

So here’s to embracing ourselves at every stage of life. Because as I was reminded this week by the copious amounts of furniture, jewelry, fur coats, and fine china left behind by a very wealthy local woman, which is all now being auctioned away at her estate sale…you just can’t take it with you.


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