So last week I told ya’ll that I’ve decided to focus more on the things that matter and the things that make me happy. But sometimes this can be hard to decipher, right? Of course there are things that will always be important and will always be enjoyable like my family…Duh.

But where I get confused is this little phrase…I’m sure you’ve heard of it…


I don’t feel like working out…YOLO!
I want to eat an entire bag of chips…YOLO!
I want to call in sick to work…YOLO!

Um …no…there is a difference between doing what makes you happy and doing what feels good.

Yolo 3

As absolutely hilarious as this is, I am pretty sure that it is not the purpose of the phrase “YOLO”. The blog I got that image from has a lot more to say about that particular issue, but I’m gonna take it a little different direction.

There are a lot of things that make me feel good: cheese, sunbathing, margaritas, sleeping, pinteresting, spending money, pizza buffets, and other such things.

And it’s so tempting to just give in to all the urges that cross my mind during the day in the name of making myself “happy”.

treat yo self

But these things do not bring me peace and sustaining happiness. Remember this picture I posted a while back?

good now bad later

So this is the formula I’m trying to use when deciding what’s important. As weird as it sounds, things that make me feel good temporarily, but that I will most certainly regret later, are not important. Things that may not feel as good while I’m doing them but make me feel better overall (exercise for example) are important.

It takes a conscious effort to make these changes. Don’t forget, you only live once and I never want to be known as the “worry wart” or the “debbie downer”. I always feel good when I’m with positive people so that’s who I want to be. And it really is so much easier to just choose to be happy. Any time I find myself heading down that road of negativity, I just stop myself. I focus on the things I do have instead of things I don’t have. I focus on the things I do like instead of the things I don’t like. And it has helped so much. My overall mood and outlook have improved. I’m sleeping better and craving food less. The power of positivity may be an overused cliche but there is a reason it has been said so much.



  1. Great advice! Do you ever listen to Michael Franti and Spearhead? He was having a tough time in a hospital bed when he decided to be positive about everything. It worked for him and his music reflects that positive attitude!

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