You knew it was coming

Alright people…don’t act so surprised. You knew it was going to happen eventually. I just can’t help my little self! Now that we have been home for 4 months, I think about St. Louis every day.  Of course, when it was happening,  I complained about how much I missed Texas but now my mind has morphed my memories of the experience in to a charming extended vacation of sorts.

(Rather than the stress-inducing arctic I portrayed it to be while I was there.)

So here it is…the inevitable “What I miss about St. Louis” list:

1. Forest Park
There were so many places to run in that city! With marked paths specifically for runners! Unheard of here…

2. Entertainment
It was endless. We went somewhere, did something, or ate something different every single week.

3. No lines
I could walk in to Starbucks, go right up to the counter, order and receive my drink in less than 5 minutes. Because it wasn’t the only freakin one!

4. Smoothie King
I am just addicted to smoothies…it’s a problem because we don’t have much option here. And, pfft…obviously making my own is out of the question…

5. Good drivers
Oh gosh…probably the thing I miss THE most. For a big city, the traffic was actually very tolerable. People knew how to drive and even better, how not to run over someone walking in the crosswalk.

tumblr_mjdh2p2W9J1qhk43yo1_500Since being back home, I have definitely had to adjust to cars not looking for pedestrians…

It really is interesting isn’t it? The way our mind works? What is this tendency to idealize and embellish our memories?

past present future

Pretty much sums it up…

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