Over it


So summer is really only fun for kids in non year round school and the teachers who teach them. I haven’t had a decent tan since 2008. And I live in Texas so that is a problem. Because compared to 90% of the people surrounding me I look a little cadaverous. Thank goodness for gradual tanning lotion!

I’m just over it. Summer used to be my favorite season. I love spending time in the sun, swimming, fishing, tubing, whatever. And if you live in Texas you better like summer because it basically runs from April to October.

But I have also always loved the fall and it has become my new favorite. Which is unfortunate because it really only lasts about 3 weeks here. But it is a glorious 3 weeks!


I really don’t know why but for some reason this year, I just have no desire to be outside in the sun. I guess a lot of it has to do with the fact that ever since becoming involved in Mary Kay I have seen the error of my old ways. I am now trying to protect my skin and keep it looking young.

But it’s more than that. I mean, I can protect my skin with sunscreen and an umbrella. I just miss the fall and I am in the mood for autumn-esque things like chili, peppermint mochas, snuggling under a blanket, not sweating all the time, football sundays, cozy sweats and most of all the return of my 7:45 min mile!!!


Fall please hurry!!

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