The open window

So the past few months have been a little rough on me. Leaving my full time position was a life altering decision and consequently, my emotions vary from day to day but they usually fall somewhere between



and this


So…yeah…manic-depressive disorder is no fun for anyone.


As far as the whole job search thing goes, I have been yanking on the handle of a locked door for a while now but I turned around to find an open window.


Hilarious movie references aside…What I’m trying to tell you is that I got a job offer today and I am going to accept it! It is something totally different from what I was doing before… which initially scared me…because (and we’ve been over this) I am terrified of the unknown.

But isn’t that what life is about? When I’m old (and not so wrinkly because I used my mary kay) I am not gonna look back and think “wow, my life was perfectly boring, I’m so glad I played it safe”. No, I want to be interesting. I want to have stories to tell and experiences to cherish. Because it is through the fear and the struggle in which we grow. And if we aren’t growing, then…I guess we’re dying.


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