Nothing worth having comes easy


Where the heck have I been?! Why can’t I just be content to spend my time as a trophy wife, staying at home cooking healthy meals, working out, blogging, and vacuuming daily? Nope, that’s way too boring for me.

So between Mary Kaying all day and waiting tables at night (meanwhile…tip your servers people!!!! they work hard and $2 an hour is in no way sufficient compensation for the crap they have to put up with), I don’t even have time for my MOST favorite thing, which is Josh, much less blogging. But I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as “I don’t have time”. No, the correct phrase is “I didn’t make time”. We make time for what we care about and we make decisions every day about what’s important and what can wait. And unfortunately, blogging has been pushed down the priority list.

My eyes are on the future. I have dreamed of owning my own business for years. This has been a life goal since I was 15 and now that Josh is finally out of school and working full time as a Physical Therapist, it’s MY turn!! So every decision I make right now is focused on making that dream my reality.

It’s the reason I decided to become a Mary Kay consultant. It is very difficult for me to ask people to help me or to do things for me. And that’s what I have to do if I want to show people the products. It sucks. I get nervous and awkward and my cheeks turn red. But every time I do it, that feeling is less and less. Eventually, it will go away. But I have to keep going, keep trying, keep failing, and keep learning. And that’s also why I decided to wait tables. (I must be psycho right??) I need to learn to fail. I need to learn to ask for help. And I’ve been doing a lot of both lately.

Remember when I talked about how I love movies about people who pursue a goal? Especially that movie She’s the Man? I kind of feel like that’s my life right now. (Minus early morning workouts with Channing Tatum). I wake up every morning with a plan. I have goals for  every day which will help me reach my goals for the future. The only difference is, Viola’s goal was short term and mine will take a few years.


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