The victim

I have been thinking about all my “stressors” and I came to an unflattering conclusion. I have been acting like a victim. Yes it’s true. I’m sure many of you aren’t surprised by this and have even been wanting to smack me and let me know yourselves. I kind of wish someone had. Because I have been blaming the outside world for my mood and performance.

And this is wrong.

I am responsible for my reaction to the world around me. And I am sad that I let this knowledge escape me for a while. I mean, this is not what I based my blog on. This was the header on my blog until I replaced it last November after the marathon:


I didn’t know that my body would be able to handle a marathon. I didn’t know that I would have time to go on all the training runs. But it didn’t matter because I believed that it could be done. So I announced it to the world via this blog (just about a year ago) and then set out. And I faced obstacles. I cried and faced fears. But I completed the goal because I decided it was the only option.

And this mind set should also be applied to life. If I believe I am worthless because I am not getting called for an interview, then I will feel depressed. If I believe that I can’t succeed at Mary Kay because I don’t have time then I won’t progress. If I believe that I am poor because we don’t have any money right now, then I will feel helpless.

And I don’t like feeling depressed and helpless. So I am choosing to turn these thoughts around…immediately. I am not a victim. I have never enjoyed the company of others who play this part and I certainly do not want to be that way myself. I have so many reasons to be just blissfully happy and I am a fool to overlook them.

I have posted this quote before but I think it is just so fitting so here it is again:


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