Here it goes again

Keep Calm & Run On Poster

Alright, one week has passed since we received the news that Josh and I would be moving back to the same town we just left. Which has created a whole shit storm of logistical and menial tasks for me to complete. Call our landlord and see if we can come back, call cable, electricity and water, figure out where all the deposits are going to come from since we spent everything on moving to St. Louis, try to find a halfway respectable job in small town USA, send graduation invitations, the list goes on…

But I am keeping my calm through all of this, because after all friends…I chose it.


“The world isn’t interested in the storms you encountered, but whether or not you brought in the ship.” -Raul Armesto



  1. Ah what a pain in the butt! You guys will figure it out, maybe try out a new place and see if you like it better! If anything you guys probably threw out some clutter so if you move back to the same place it will be all clean and empty for more decorating!

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