You’re gonna miss me

A few weeks ago I was baking something in the oven


I know, I know…even I was surprised

But anyway, while I was getting whatever it was out of the oven, I burned myself. It was a pretty bad spot on my right hand. Of course, I ran it under cold water and what not, but the first thing I said to Josh was “this better not leave a scar!”

And ya’ll…I just love him. Because he always has the most wise responses to my complaints. He said “Why?” I gave him the what kind of question is that face and retorted that it was ugly and didn’t even have a good story to go with it. Oh I was just baking something in St. Louis and I burned my hand like a dummy…

And Josh said “Yeah, in St. Louis! There’s your story.”

And he is so right. Whether I like it or not, this experience has branded me both physically and emotionally. And despite how I feel about being here, the important thing is to find a way to see the positive. So even though my weekly running mileage has been puny as of late, I would have never discovered how much I enjoy Crossfit if the weather hadn’t been so annoying. Even though substitute teaching made it difficult to keep to a routine, I would have never discovered just how flexible I can be if not for that job.

And as much as I miss my life in Texas, I have to stop and realize just how much I will miss this one day.

So friends, the moral of the story is


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