SkyRobics with my son, I mean husband

I came across an article about Sky Zone SkyRobics a few months ago in a fitness magazine of some sort and I have been wanting to try it ever since. I love trampolines! So I tracked one down in the St. Louis area and invited Josh to go with me.

And just a little side story here…The girl at the counter was probably…I don’t know…maybe 18 or 19. And Josh is CONSTANTLY mistaken for being 19 or 20 years old. (It kills me because I am always mistaken for being much older than I am, so people think I’m some kind of cougar even though we are less than a year apart in age). So we walk up to the girl and she asks if it’s our first time at Sky Zone and we reply yes. She hands me a waiver and asks Josh if he is 18. We both look at each other in amusement and look back at her.

She obviously doesn’t understand our exchange and then asks me “Are you Mom?”.


She was pretty embarrassed when I told her he was my husband, but didn’t apologize…

ANYhoozer…Of course I love spending time with Josh, but really I just needed someone to take a picture of me jumping in the air and since he is such a wonderful, devoted husband he agreed to come along.

My SkyRobics photo expectation:


or possibly this397995_477932048909362_1614334785_n



Even though the pictures sucked and apparently I look old enough to be Josh’s mom, it was still a fun workout and something I will definitely do again. My Garmin said I burned 500 calories in an hour. This was the beginner’s class so we were still getting used to the feel of running on the trampoline. They said the actual class is more difficult.

Happy weekend!

“Why wait for the weekend to have fun?”  -Loesje



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