Frosty 5 mile

turks victory danceIf only I could do anything remotely like Turk’s victory dance…

I really went back and forth over whether or not I wanted to enter the Frosty 5 Miler this weekend. But in the end, I decided to go for it and I am super pumped I did! Not only because of my results, but they also gave out pretty cool long sleeve tech shirts.

frosty shirt

After this race, I can tell a HUGE difference in my performance. It’s really only been a little over a month of targeted strength training but my legs are stronger. I powered through the hills and busted out an 8:26 pace, which is pretty freakin awesome for me. I finished the 5 miles in 42:13.

It was a pretty small, yet very competitive race. Most of the runners were faster than me, but I made a point not to let it get me down. Instead, I tried to use it as motivation to keep going. And I had a really great playlist which helped too.

C’mon, Ke$ha
How far we’ve come, Matchbox 20
Going on, Gnarles Barkley
Never close our eyes, Adam Lambert
Meet me halfway, Black Eyed Peas
Drinking from the bottle, Calvin Harris
Sorry, Akon
Scream & shout,
Hurt somebody, Akon
Space bound, Eminem
Battle scars, Lupe Fiasco

“We are either progressing or retrograding all the while. There is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life.”-James Freeman Clarke


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