Substitute teaching in pictures

My first day in the classroom

first day

When the other teachers see that I am the sub


Any time a kid has to pee


When I threaten to take away recess


When I see a kid eating his own booger


When fifth graders have a writing assignment


When I call a rowdy kid out by name


When I ask a high schooler to do anything


Me 10 minutes after the bell rings



  1. I could write a small book with my stories just from 1 1/2 years of substitute teaching. These pictures were PERFECT. Well done. That sense of humor will go far in subbing. Looking forward to more posts from you. Make sure to always bring a few sets of emergency stories to read, writing prompts, critical thinking activities etc… Good luck.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I am working on putting together an emergency packet. I bet you do have some awesome stories from subbing for that long! Hopefully, just a temporary solution for me, but we’ll see…

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