St. Louis Week 4

I am apparently not as in shape as I would like to believe I am. But, I did find an awesome way to work on this.

It’s called Art Hill and when it’s covered in snow…it’s really fun to sled down…and really hard to run back up!

This is not my photo, I got it from another blog
(click the photo to go there)

I was laying in bed this morning just thinking about what I was going to do. Several things entered my mind…my hair needs to be colored, my running playlist needs a refresh, and I was planning to go for a 6 miler in Forest Park.

But when Josh walked outside, he discovered it had snowed several inches over night. A snow like this would have shut the entire town down back in Texas…but not in Missouri. This was the 3rd time it has snowed here and we’ve been here 4 weeks. And this was the first time it happened on a weekend…So we dropped all our plans and  bought snow discs and went to art hill.

I got my workout in that is for sure! My legs were beat after an hour and half of sledding down and running crawling back up the hill.



It was a really good time, but I would definitely choose a day getting dragged all over the lake behind a boat  to a snow day.


I love summer…

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”-Hal Borland



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