I have no idea if this story is funny or even remotely interesting to anyone other than my family members but I figured I’d tell it anyway…

So, if you remember I recently revealed that I don’t actually like dogs that much (at least not in my house). And Saturday night, we were coming back to the apartment after a very long day skiing and we ran into the guy that works in the office of the apartment. He was letting his dog Bemmer outside and he was about to go out partying. So we told him to have a good time and that we were about to go inside and crash. He asks us if we are “dog people” and of course Josh answers yes we are, we have 2 dogs at home!

Then the guy asks if we’d be willing to watch Bemmer for the night because he’d hate to leave him at home alone all night.  I am behind the guy at this point, he can’t see my face which is a really good thing because I’m pretty sure it looked like this


But what was Josh supposed to say? We had just told the guy that we weren’t doing anything the rest of the night. So we dog sat for the guy.


And it didn’t take long to figure out that this dog was deaf and apparently incontinent.


“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” -Peter Marshall



  1. Hmmm…even though I am a dog person, I am a dog person to my own dog. Not really willing to watch another dog unless I get to know them better to ensure no ‘surprises’ like that happen… all I have to say is at least it was on the tile and NOT the carpet!!!

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