St. Louis Week 3

We’ve been working on the list! It’s been pretty tough not to eat out every single meal! There are so many  new restaurants to try and they all have such great menus! So we picked Wednesday and Saturday nights to try new restaurants. And we have been sooo bad! We’ve been eating A LOT of dessert!!


Banana bread with vanilla & cinnamon ice cream at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

But we worked it off by going skiing this weekend! There is a little resort about 30 miles from here where they make their own snow called Hidden Valley. We had been skiing once before a long time ago and I remembered being really sore after the first day. I also remembered being really awful and almost killing myself on a hill that was a bit above my ability level. Josh loves to tell the story of me racing downhill trying with all my might to wedge and failing miserably. A few obscenities came out and I eventually just fell over to the side to stop myself. Just hilarious right? It’s much funnier when Josh tells it…

So we get there on Saturday and I haven’t even had my skis on for 5 minutes when I have to go down a tiny little hill to get to the beginner practice area. I am pretty rusty but I slide down anyway and proceed to increase speed. Again failing  to slow down with a proper wedge I scream “Josh it’s happening again!!”

And then the ground evened out and I was fine. Smiley

I eventually got the hang of it, but it was not until I crashed and burned 3 times on a pretty steep hill. I don’t know how many people know how you’re supposed to get yourself back up on skis but you basically splay out on your belly and push yourself up yoga style.


I was pretty mortified as children were speeding by me while I was laying like this.
(And sidenote: that is not an actual picture of me, though I should have been wearing a helmet. I got this picture from

But overall I had an awesome time and I hope we get to go back a few times before we leave.


A real Speedy Gonzales over here


Those rope pulls are NO JOKE! I am so sore from hanging on to those things! I had to stop skiing not because my legs were tired…but because my hands couldn’t hang on to the rope anymore!


When it comes to skiing, there’s a difference between what you think it’s going to be like, what it’s really like, and what you tell your friends it was like.  ~Author Unknown


  1. Looks like you’re enjoying yourself. I love skiing. We’re lucky enough to have good mountains within a 2 hr range, but the closest ski area is 15 minutes. (It’s not great though.) The rope tows SUCK. I remember using those when I learned to snowboard (never again!) and it was worst than actual snowboarding!

  2. So great you got to go skiing! I usually only get to go once a year (for a week) or less and even though I’ve skied all my life I sign up for lessons in the morning the first day as a refresher! Feels good when you get your ‘ski legs’ back for sure!

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