I don’t think anyone likes being the new person. Certainly not me. But change is good…we know this. It’s just really hard sometimes. I really didn’t think it would be that different here in Missouri, and for the most part, it’s not. I mean, it’s not like we moved to Nepal or anything.

But I do still find it interesting how  many things I have had to adjust to that I just didn’t think about. For example, I had to use my key faub to find my car in the grocery store parking lot. I don’t do that. Back home, I had a certain aisle that I always parked in and I always knew that’s where my car would be. So I had to get a new store and a new aisle.

I am having to readjust to doing laundry in an apartment building after 3 years of having one in my own home. (and after swearing that I would NEVER live without my own washer and dryer again, but we know how I feel about the word never). And it really kills me to stick 5 quarters in the machine to wash and dry. That is a whopping $2.50 a load! That’s more than a McAlister’s tea!!


I have a problem….And for those of you who know me and are wondering…yes there is a McAlister’s in St. Louis and I have already been by to buy a gallon to keep in my fridge =)

Gym shopping was especially disappointing. Josh and I were very adamant that we would not give up or postpone fitness goals while we were here because staying healthy and fit is really important to us. So the first thing we did was find a gym. And since we only have 1 car here, that made it even more difficult.

In the past, Josh has had no trouble finding a large gym that offered what he needed fairly close by. But near downtown St. Louis, it’s a little different. There aren’t any large chain gyms close by. Most of them are smaller. And I had no idea how awesome my gym back in Texas was. It had everything I wanted! LOTS of classes offered at a variety of times, lots of treadmills, racquetball courts, a secluded workout room where I would go to lift weights away from beefy dudes, a large locker room with lots of showers and lockers, and an indoor pool and hot tub. And I didn’t realize that this wasn’t a common thing, but my gym had antibacterial wipes all around so you could wipe down your equipment quickly. Apparently, not a lot of gyms have that. And I only paid $38 a month for all of that.

But none of the gyms that we looked at had even half the things on that list. We narrowed it down to 2 options. The one I wanted and the one Josh wanted. We did pros and cons and it came down to this



We basically had to choose between a gym that was expensive, had a tiny parking lot and was farther away and one that had a good parking lot, was really close and less expensive. The choice is obvious right? Well, the big difference was that Josh’s gym has a ton of squat racks and equipment that he needs for his workouts. And since I can run outside and since we didn’t know what job I would end up getting who knows if I’d even be able to go to classes. So we chose the more expensive one so that Josh can make good progess toward his goals.

But back to the main point…it’s tough to be the new person. It’s hard for me to go to a class for the first time or try a new treadmill I’ve never used. And I miss my old gym badly. But I love running in Forest Park so there’s always trade offs. And I am not complaining about living in the city, I am really enjoying the change of scenery! It’s just a lot of adjustment for a spoiled rotten chick like me.

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”-Karen Kaiser Clark



  1. Change is certainly tough! I have less than a year left for my masters and then will be in limbo for a while until I find the job/location I want, which might take upward of another year or two…definitely scary thinking so much will change (and often) once I’m out of this student bubble! But you give me hope that it will be all right and I will ‘find my aisle’ to park and be settled in eventually (as will you!).

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