Very Inspiring Blog Award!

I always find it so very flattering and humbling when someone recognizes my blog! Most days I don’t feel like it’s anything special but when someone else says otherwise, it’s pretty darn gratifying!

So thank you very much to Jessica for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!




Now I must list 7 things about myself. I find this is getting harder to do as I slowly put more and more about myself out on the internet. But here goes…

1.I am petrified of insects, particularly roaches and crickets. I almost had a panic attack in the grocery store once just because I stepped on a beetle and it crunched…I can’t even finish this…

2. Despite my best efforts not to be, I am extremely particular. I like pillows to tilt a certain direction, the bed must be made every day and I will walk around freshly washed rugs for days until I have to just give up and step on them, thus ruining their fresh out of the dryer appearance.

3. I have a lava lamp in my office and sometimes I am afraid it means I am like the crazy guidance counselor on MTV’s awkward.



4. I am a really light sleeper. I wake up easily and have a hard time falling back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. But when the alarm goes off, I am suddenly exhausted and can’t open my eyes…

5. I have been working really hard on changing my eating habits but I still love to FEAST! My favorite thing to do is sit down to a crap ton of food and just eat. I like to go to restaurants and order several appetizers and share them with friends or rent a movie and buy chips and candy and go to town. But I don’t do this very often anymore.

6. I don’t puke. (Alcohol not involved). Even if I’m sick it’s just really difficult to get me to puke.

7. I hate knick knacks and clutter. I keep only a few decorative items (mostly things that mean something) around the house. Except when it comes to crafting. Then I have to save every single little safety pin and piece of scrap paper because you just never know.

Now I need to nominate 15 other bloggers!  I follow a ton of blogs and it’s hard to narrow down for these things but I will work on it and do a follow up post with my nominations.


And speaking of inspiration…Don’t forget to be uploading your photos to Instragram for the Photo a Run challenge hosted by Oliver at Run to Inspire!



  1. I love your lava lamp! I used to have a pink and purple one and I have no idea what happened to it (sad face) I’m also the same way when it comes to my craft stuff! Any empty jar I’m sure I could use it for something;)

    1. My lava lamp is one of my prized possessions! I have no idea why I have such an attachment to it, but it was a gift on my 11th birthday and I’ve had it ever since!

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